five star customer experience
Providing a five star user experience is the goal for web designer Jim Juris when visitors land on his website.

Jim Juris created his first website back in 2002. It was hand coded using HTML and CSS.

Jim does not believe you should have to pay through the nose in order to have a mobile responsive, simple, one, three or five page website created for your small business.

Jim is a veteran, he served both in the U.S. Coast Guard and the California Air National Guard.

When Jim designs a website for his clients his priorities include providing great customer service as well as making suggestions on what can be done to improve your website so that it converts more prospects into customers.

Jim also believes in designing simple websites rather than websites that have a lots of irrelevant content (fluff) on them. That irrelevant content will not help you make a sale. You are looking at an example of what Jim considers to be a simple website.

Good communications between the client and myself is needed in order for me to create websites without delays.