Website Audit Service

Discover areas on your web pages that may be causing you to lose out to your competitors with a website audit

Would you like an honest and unbiased evaluation of your small business website from the perspective of a customer rather than from employees, family and friends?

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression on your website visitors

If a visitor arrives on your website and can’t tell what your site is about, within the first five to ten seconds, without having to scroll down the page, the website is poorly designed.

Visitors don’t want to wait for a website to load. Your visitors should be able to see the information on your site within 3 seconds or less on a laptop, tablet or on a smartphone.

A simple and uncluttered new site will provide a great user experience for your visitors and increase the chances of converting them into customers.

Jim Juris has conducted audits on over 700 small business websites over the past fifteen years! Check out his reviews on the home page.

What good does having a website do if your visitors don’t find it easy for them to use, understand and/or navigate?

Having certain features on your site that you may feel are cool, such as popups or videos that play automatically may actually give prospects a poor user experience and lower conversions. Too many of these bells and whistles on your site may confuse and alienate your audience.

What really matters when it comes to your website is not what you, fellow employees, family and friends think of your small business website, but what your potential customers are thinking.

You may have paid three to ten thousand dollars to a web designer for him or her to create your site, but if your audience is not staying on your website for more than a few seconds consider having Jim conduct an assessment of your site.

SEOptimizer website audit results as of 7-7-2021
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As you can see by looking at this audit provided by on 7-7-2021, my website is looking good in all categories except for social media.

To be perfectly honest with you, I am not a big believer when it comes to having a social media presence. Facebook and Instagram were down for an extended period of time in the early part of October 2021.

Social media visitors are not likely going to be buyers of my services. I do have an extremely small presence on FB and Pinterest.

So, do I care about having an “F” for a social media presence grade? Not one bit.

Web page accessibility, SEO, links and performance are what I care about for my site.

Just like there are laws requiring ramps for handicapped people using wheelchairs, there are also website accessibility laws for the visually impaired in some states. The Colorado website accessibility law goes into effect on or around June 1, 2022.

Don’t get fined or into legal trouble because your website does not meet accessibility requirements

Contact Jim today to have an accessibility test performed on your website as part of his website assessment.

The links score is way off because I don’t have very many links coming to my website. I would grade my website links score a “D+” rather than an “A+”. But, my site is less than one year old.

What type of businesses would benefit from a website analysis?

  • home service providers
  • yoga, self defense, and gyms
  • freelancers and self employed small business owners
  • artisans who sell goods on venues such as Etsy and Shopify
  • any small business owner who would just like to know if their website is working well

Does your small business website provide a good user experience?

For example;

  • is website secure?
  • is your site mobile responsive?
  • accessible for visually impaired?
  • is the font size too small to read?
  • is the quality of your images good?
  • do you have broken links on your site?
  • is your contact information easy to find?
  • are there spelling mistakes on your pages?
  • does it take too long for the page(s) to load?
  • does your website have a clear call to action?
  • does the font color make the text difficult to read?
  • are your visitors able to navigate around your site easily?
  • do you have a good title and headings throughout your site?
  • does your site have a copyright, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?
  • do you have enough content on your pages to deliver your message to your audience?
  • does your website make a good first impression on your visitors within the first five to ten seconds?
  • do your website visitors see nothing but a continuous wall of text when accessing your web pages from their smartphone?

There may be other items discovered by Jim that are not listed here. Each site is different.

For example, I see websites that have text running the full width of the page. I prefer to have lots of white space on both sides of the page, like you see on this site.

This makes the content on the web pages easier to read and in my own opinion provides a nicer experience for website visitors.

What does it cost to conduct an audit of my website?

Before you even make up your mind about having Jim conduct an evaluation on any page of your website please contact Jim to have him check out your site and see if he feels your website needs an audit.

The majority of sites that Jim reviews need audits, but some don’t.

The minimum price for Jim to conduct his analysis is $45 per page.

Please allow Jim two to three days per page to complete his audit.

How do I pay for a website evaluation?

I prefer to be paid by check. Your payment needs to be in my hands before I conduct the audit.

If you would like to have Jim Juris provide you with an honest and unbiased analysis of your website call him at 303-781-2901.

Jim is located in Englewood, Colorado. He will be happy to conduct audits on sites for businesses located anywhere in the United States.