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The goal of a website

Anyone can create a website, but not everyone can create a website that works

That is where years of experience comes into play. Knowing what works and what does not work when creating a website is like trying to compare the difference between night and day.

I created my first website back in 2002. I have created a number of other website over the years, mostly for myself.

The first websites that I created were created by hand coding HTML and CSS. About four years ago I decided that it was time to start creating websites using WordPress.

In order for your website to perform well your website designer needs to understand and implement these four things on every page of your website:

  • design
  • accessibility
  • fast web page load time
  • H1, H2 and H3 heading SEO

For example, your designer should have mobile users in mind when creating your small business website. That means utilizing lots of white space and short paragraphs.

Text should be large enough and there should be good contrast between the text that appears on the pages and the background color. Otherwise your website won’t make a good first impression of your visitors.

You only get ONE chance to make a good first impression on your website visitors.

Add keywords to website

Your designer should use relevant keywords in the web page product title and H1, H2 and H3 headings. Keywords should be sprinkled throughout your content of every page.

Images need to be compressed and sized properly so that the web pages will load quickly. The web designer should also add an alt tag to each image to aid the visually impaired. Using the alt tag for all images also helps with the web page search engine optimization (SEO).

Of course none of this matters if the website only has two to four hundred words on the home page and all of the other web page. Your web pages need to have lots of quality content on every page of your website.

For example, this blog post has eight hundred words. That may seem like a lot of words, but it isn’t, in many cases. Fifteen hundred to twenty five hundred words would be ideal.

Website Goal

Depending on the type of business you have, the goal for your website could be to have prospects request a quote, subscribe to your newsletter, make an appointment, increase your sales, etc.

In order to get prospects to take one of the actions listed above, the prospect has to first get to know, like and trust you.

Adding a blog to your website is one way to show your expertise and to build trust. Having a handful of blog posts won’t cut it. You need to add new blog posts to your blog on a regular basis.

I hope that you feel you can get to know, like and trust me as a visitor to this website.

Hopefully you have taken the time to look around most or all of the pages on my website too. If you have that is fantastic. That means that all of the work I have put into creating the pages and blog posts has paid off.

The real test though for my website is when small business owners who need a website created for their business decide to hire me to be their web designer.

Enough about my website and blog.

Is your website designer a good listener?

It is my opinion that a good web designer must be a good listener. He or she must be able to understand what you want your website to do in order for the designer to build your site correctly.

If your web designer is doing most of the talking and very little of the listening you may have the wrong designer.


How quickly does your website designer respond to your email messages? Ideally, getting a reply from your web designer within 6 to 12 hours is great.

Hopefully, you won’t have to wait more than 24 to 36 hours to receive a response from your website designer.

Customer Service

I strongly believe in providing excellent customer service to all my clients.

That means responding to your emails in a timely manner, offering suggestions when possible and completing the work I was hired for in a timely manner.

By providing excellent customer service I hopefully can get some referrals from my clients and also great reviews.

I want to build up a long term business relationship with my clients too. That means my work has to be excellent and so does my customer service.

If you like what you are reading on my website and also on my blog posts I hope that you will consider hiring me if you need a website. I love creating clean and simple websites for clients.

In addition to creating multi-page websites using WordPress, I can also create a one page website created by hand-coding everything using HTML and CSS. Check out my Jim Juris one page website.

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